2020 bathroom trends

2020 Bathroom Trends

2020 Bathroom Trends

2020 bathroom trends

So, it’s the start of a new decade and we thought it would be a great idea to look at the exciting 2020 bathroom trends that are influencing bathroom refurbishments. If you have any questions or would like to discuss how you can integrate any of these new trends into your own bathroom refurbishment project, call us today on 028 9076 7108. Let’s begin!

  • Brass is back with a bang!

It’s fair to say brass has been in decline in recent years in favour of the ultra-modern and sleek chrome alternative. However, brass is back in 2020! Brass offers a much warmer alternative to chrome and can give your bathroom a much more elegant and sophisticated look over chrome.

Consider brass detailing options in the usual places you would use chrome, such as taps and showerheads, shower valves and even accessories like towel and toilette roll holders. Even as a small accent, like a mirror frame can make a major impact. You’ll be surprised at the difference it can make!

  • Black is the new chrome!

If your preference is ultra-modern, then consider matte black finishes over chrome. Matte black taps, shower fittings and even radiators began to trend in 2019 and all evidence shows it will increase in popularity in 2020. This trend includes the gorgeous dark grey hues of anthracite in case full-on black is a little step too far to the dark side! Also, consider black framed shower screens, another 2019 trend that had a spectacular rise in popularity, to compliment your other black detailing.

  • RGB LED Everything!

Talking of modern bathroom designs, integrated RGB (Red, Green & Blue – basically the ability to change lights to any colour) LED lighting is being incorporated into an ever-increasing range of bathroom products. With LED now more efficient, longer-lasting, and cheaper than ever, LED lighting can be integrated into many bathroom products to enhance your bathroom’s look. Imagine soaking in your bath with relaxing mood lighting adding ambience to the room!

  • Marble effect wall coverings

Whilst we completely understand that real marble tiles are not in everyone’s price range, there is an increasing range of marble effect (or ‘marbleised’) wall coverings now available. High-quality wallpaper and PVC wall coverings offer a great value alternative and the marble effects are so life-like, it is getting hard to tell the difference! Consider adding some marble elegance into your bathroom to create a real “wow factor”!

  • Earth tone tiling

There is a definite trend developing around moving from plain (even clinical looking) white tiles to more warmer earth tones such as travertine, limestone and terrazzo or the rugged natural look of granite. Whether used on the floor or walls of your bathroom, these organic tones will add a natural look and feel to your room. Consider matching natural wood (or wood coloured) units to complement the look – another growing trend we predict will continue in 2020!

  • Different shaped tiles

On the subject of tiling, rectangles are so last year! Instead, there is a push to more creative and visually impactful tile shapes such as geometric hexagon designs or scallop-shaped tiles. They are a great way to add a stunning impact to your bathroom or introduce bold colours in a controlled manner.

With over 20 year’s experience, Value Home Solutions welcome the opportunity to visit your home for a free design consultation to accurately measure your bathroom, discuss options and provide an accurate quote that we will stand over.

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