conservatories in northern ireland

Conservatories in Northern Ireland

Conservatories in Northern Ireland

sunroom-9 sunroom-7 sunroom-5

There are few home improvement projects that will add as much value to your home quite like one of our conservatories. A study by Towergate Insurance showed that adding a well-built conservatory can increase your home’s value by at least 5%! So if you are looking for ideas on how to create a stunning conservatory in Northern Ireland, call Value Home Solutions (VHS) today on 028 9076 7108 or send us an email on

As well as adding value to your property, conservatories can really enhance your lifestyle at home. Whether you are a keen gardener and want to bring the garden into your home more, have some extra room to eat, cook or relax, or maybe you just want to indulge yourself in a light and tranquil room that you can use all year round. Either way, Value Home Solutions has the right choice for you. From the simple to the luxurious, the traditional to the ultra-modern, a tailor-made VHS conservatory is the perfect way to add style, space and value to your home.

Value Home Solutions are the premier company for the design and building of tailor-made beautifully crafted luxury bespoke Orangeries, Conservatories, Glass Room Extensions and contemporary Sunrooms, built to suit the needs of each and every one of our valued customers throughout Northern Ireland.

Our designers have extensive experience combined with a wealth of knowledge in creating your tailor-made bespoke glass room extension in many different styles including modern and contemporary, to blend sympathetically with the original building style, and also to meet planning requirements.

Conservatories are traditionally mostly glass construction to facilitate more sunshine entering the room. Usually built with a fully glazed roof (using either glass or polycarbonate) and 100% to 75% glazing on the walls. We have a broad range of modern designs and options to make your conservatory your own.

Alternatively, our bespoke Sunrooms will add glamour and significant style to your home, featuring more brickwork than traditional conservatories, resembling home extensions that will seamlessly blend from your home. A new Sunroom is a sure way to add value to your home.

Value Home Solutions can supply and install a wide range of conservatory styles in all shapes and sizes, even in small, challenging spaces. Through our range of PVC windows, doors and roofline offerings, we can create a home extension that is unique to you and gives you the massive benefit of only having to deal with one company.

As well as conservatories, VHS is one of Northern Ireland’s largest suppliers and installers of; PVC fascia, soffit and guttering (roofline products), PVC windows and doors, PVC bathroom wall panels, bathroom refurbishments and sanitary ware products and fully fitted kitchens and appliances. This means that we are able to integrate any of these other products into your conservatory project.

Want new PVC windows in Northern Ireland to match your stunning new conservatory? We got you covered! Want to part extend your kitchen into your new sunroom through a new refurbishment project? No problem!

We understand that every home is different, and that’s why we don’t sell ‘off-the-shelf’ products. In fact, we have over 30 years’ experience of delivering purpose-made PVC windows, doors, roofline, conservatories and bathrooms.

Value Home Solutions have a list of happy customers who are willing to show people around their own new conservatory or sunroom. This is proving to be more useful than a few displays in a showroom, as you can see the actual extension incorporated into a real home and better imagine what it will look like on your own property.

Our careful approach to planning, combined with our years of experience and qualified tradesmen, means that when it comes to delivering your conservatory, the entire process is quick and hassle-free, with minimal disruption to your daily life… which is just how it should be.

All VHS sunrooms come with the following guarantees to give you total peace of mind:

20 Year Frame Guarantee

15 Year Glass Guarantee

10 Year Workmanship Guarantee

With over 30 year’s experience, Value Home Solutions welcome the opportunity to visit your home for a free design consultation to accurately measure up, discuss the options available and then provide you with an accurate quote that we will stand over.

Contact Value Home Solutions today on 028 9076 7108 or via email on


pvc suppliers belfast

PVC Suppliers Belfast

PVC Suppliers Belfast

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If you are looking for PVC suppliers in Belfast, you have come to the right place! If you are considering any PVC based home improvement solutions in Belfast or across Nothern Ireland, check out Value Home Solutions (VHS) first. We have one of the widest ranges of this popular, maintenance-free building and home improvement material.

VHS is one of Northern Ireland’s largest suppliers and installers of; PVC fascia, soffit and guttering, PVC windows and doors, conservatories and conservatory roofs, maintenance-free bathroom wall panels, bathroom refurbishments and sanitary ware products and fully fitted kitchens and appliances.

Why go through the trouble, stress and mess involved with ‘doing it yourself’? Let the specialists do it right the first time and we also guarantee all of our work as well! VHS believes in doing the job right and making it hassle-free for our customers.

A lot of our customers ask us many different questions about PVC, is it safe, durable, easy to clean etc? So we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked topics below to give you the peace of mind that PVC is a leading material for all types of home improvement projects. If we have missed anything, or you would like to discuss further, call us on 028 9076 7108, we are always happy to help!

Some of the benefits of PVC products:

Strong and lightweight – PVC products are resistant, lightweight, with good mechanical strength and toughness. These are the key technical benefits and the reason for its popularity in building and construction applications.

Easy to install – PVC can be easily cut, shaped, welded and joined on-site, in a variety of styles. PVC’s lightness and ease of handling reduces the difficulty of manual cutting.

Durable – PVC is very resistant to weathering, rotting and corrosion, shock and abrasion. It is, therefore, the preferred choice for many different outdoor products where long life spans are expected. In fact, medium and long-term applications account for some 85 per cent of PVC production in the building and construction sector.

For example, it is estimated that more than 75 per cent of PVC pipes will have a lifetime in excess of 40 years with potential in-service lives of up to 100 years. In other applications such as window profiles and cable insulation, studies indicate that over 60 per cent of them will also have working lives of over 40 years.

Cost-effective – PVC has been a popular material for construction applications for decades due to its physical and technical properties which provide excellent cost-performance advantages. As a material it is very competitive in terms of price, this value is also enhanced by the properties such as its durability, lifespan and low maintenance.

Safe material – PVC is non-toxic. It is a safe material and a socially valuable resource that has been used for more than half a century. It meets all international standards for safety and health for both the products and applications for which it is used.

Fire-resistant – Like all other organic materials used in buildings, including other plastics, wood, textiles etc., PVC products will burn when exposed to a fire. PVC products, however, are self-extinguishing. So in other words, if the ignition source is withdrawn they will stop burning. Because of its high chlorine content, PVC products have great fire safety characteristics. In practical terms, this means that they are difficult to ignite, heat production is comparatively low and they tend to char rather than generate flaming droplets.

With over 30 year’s experience, Value Home Solutions welcome the opportunity to visit your home for a free design consultation to accurately measure up, discuss the options available and then provide you with an accurate quote that we will stand over.

Contact Value Home Solutions today on 028 9076 7108 or via email on


2020 bathroom trends

2020 Bathroom Trends

2020 Bathroom Trends

2020 bathroom trends

So, it’s the start of a new decade and we thought it would be a great idea to look at the exciting 2020 bathroom trends that are influencing bathroom refurbishments. If you have any questions or would like to discuss how you can integrate any of these new trends into your own bathroom refurbishment project, call us today on 028 9076 7108. Let’s begin!

  • Brass is back with a bang!

It’s fair to say brass has been in decline in recent years in favour of the ultra-modern and sleek chrome alternative. However, brass is back in 2020! Brass offers a much warmer alternative to chrome and can give your bathroom a much more elegant and sophisticated look over chrome.

Consider brass detailing options in the usual places you would use chrome, such as taps and showerheads, shower valves and even accessories like towel and toilette roll holders. Even as a small accent, like a mirror frame can make a major impact. You’ll be surprised at the difference it can make!

  • Black is the new chrome!

If your preference is ultra-modern, then consider matte black finishes over chrome. Matte black taps, shower fittings and even radiators began to trend in 2019 and all evidence shows it will increase in popularity in 2020. This trend includes the gorgeous dark grey hues of anthracite in case full-on black is a little step too far to the dark side! Also, consider black framed shower screens, another 2019 trend that had a spectacular rise in popularity, to compliment your other black detailing.

  • RGB LED Everything!

Talking of modern bathroom designs, integrated RGB (Red, Green & Blue – basically the ability to change lights to any colour) LED lighting is being incorporated into an ever-increasing range of bathroom products. With LED now more efficient, longer-lasting, and cheaper than ever, LED lighting can be integrated into many bathroom products to enhance your bathroom’s look. Imagine soaking in your bath with relaxing mood lighting adding ambience to the room!

  • Marble effect wall coverings

Whilst we completely understand that real marble tiles are not in everyone’s price range, there is an increasing range of marble effect (or ‘marbleised’) wall coverings now available. High-quality wallpaper and PVC wall coverings offer a great value alternative and the marble effects are so life-like, it is getting hard to tell the difference! Consider adding some marble elegance into your bathroom to create a real “wow factor”!

  • Earth tone tiling

There is a definite trend developing around moving from plain (even clinical looking) white tiles to more warmer earth tones such as travertine, limestone and terrazzo or the rugged natural look of granite. Whether used on the floor or walls of your bathroom, these organic tones will add a natural look and feel to your room. Consider matching natural wood (or wood coloured) units to complement the look – another growing trend we predict will continue in 2020!

  • Different shaped tiles

On the subject of tiling, rectangles are so last year! Instead, there is a push to more creative and visually impactful tile shapes such as geometric hexagon designs or scallop-shaped tiles. They are a great way to add a stunning impact to your bathroom or introduce bold colours in a controlled manner.

With over 20 year’s experience, Value Home Solutions welcome the opportunity to visit your home for a free design consultation to accurately measure your bathroom, discuss options and provide an accurate quote that we will stand over.

Contact Value Home Solutions today on 028 9076 7108 or via email on

choosing the right tradesman

How To Choose The Right Tradesman

How to Choose the Right Tradesman

choosing the right tradesman

Choosing the right tradesman or organisation to carry out any significant building or repair work in your home is a major decision and not to be taken lightly! It also shouldn’t come down to just the price they’re charging, you need to do your homework, carefully!

In fairness, the majority of tradesmen are honest, competent, and hard-working. But if you unfortunately end-up choosing one who isn’t, it can mean living in a building site for months or even years, cost you thousands of pounds to fix the poor quality of work undertaken, or leave you with a botched job that causes problems for years to come.

If you are planning a new bathroom, kitchen or looking to replace all of the doors and windows in your home, these are decisions that can affect the value of your home, so you need to research potential suppliers. This guide will offer you advice on what to look for and what to be aware of when choosing a supplier to work with.

To make sure that you find the right tradesman or company to carry out your project, these are some of the main topics that you may want to undertake:

  • References from previous work
  • Professional accreditations
  • Insurance and warranties
  • Pricing and payment terms

Let’s dive into these topics in a little more detail to help you choose a tradesman:

  • Look for references of previous work undertaken

Last year, the Federation for Master Builders (FMB) said that the most common complaints they received were about poor quality workmanship and a lack of professionalism by the tradesmen when carrying out the work.

Use personal recommendations where possible. One of the best ways to make sure of quality service is to choose somebody who has been recommended to you by a good friend or family member, especially if you have seen their work first hand.

Another good source of references is to search online for referrals on websites, social media sites and review sites etc. See if you can find an existing customer who has had similar work undertaken and drop them a message directly to ask for further information on how the project went. Ask for their feedback on timekeeping, how helpful they were before, during and after the project and also the quality of their work.

By doing this homework, you will be able to get a feel for the quality of their finished work, as well as gaining an understanding of their work ethics.

There are also a number of online trade directories which potentially can be a useful resource. They list individual tradesmen as well as companies with customer references. Each of these websites operates differently but generally, both individuals and companies have to meet certain criteria as part of their registration process.

  • Check they have the appropriate qualifications

When choosing a tradesman, ensure they are reputable. When choosing your tradesman, remember that all builders should be members of the Federation of Master Builders (FMB). The organisation offers its own dispute service for both builders and clients.

If there is any gas or boiler work included in the project, the tradesman must be registered with the industry body GasSafe. Likewise, any plumbers involved in the work should be registered with WaterSafe. Last but not least, electricians should be approved by either NICEIC, NAPIT or ECA.

Roofers do not have their own trade body to register with, but they should be able to prove they are health and safety certified.

  • Do they have insurance? What warranties are offered?

When choosing a tradesman or company, it is very important that whoever is going to carry out the work is insured. That way, if any materials get stolen from the site, accidental damage is caused to the property, or if the work has to be redone by another person, you will be covered for the extra cost.

Ask about what guarantees or warranties are included in the quote? Are the materials and products supplied guaranteed in the event that anything goes wrong after the project has been finished? Warranties should also be offered on the labour provided, the fitting of the products and materials. Make sure you have a clear understanding as there can be differences between products and services.

  • Pricing and payment terms

The Federation of Master Builders reported that almost 2 million British homeowners say a tradesman had disappeared after they have been paid, without completing the work.

Don’t get fooled by low quotes, it is very easy for untrustworthy tradesmen to give a low estimate initially in order to secure your business and then put the price up at a later stage. Even if theis does not happen, low prices often result in lower quality products and labour too. Go with a tradesman or company that you trust to do a good quality job for a fair price, rather than one that offers you low prices.

After you’ve found your tradesman, checked their references and accreditation and received a quotation for the work to be carried out, before you give them the go-ahead to start the work, always insist on a contract. A professional tradesman or company should also insist on this.

The contract should include these components at a minimum; the scope of work to be carried out and details of the individual costs of materials, products and labour involved. Make sure you also clarify whether the final figure includes or excludes VAT.

If it’s a large project then milestone payments can be agreed, along with how much these should be and deadline dates are written in. It’s also fair to set in a penalty clause if the work runs over.

Never, ever agree to pay for the whole project upfront.

The above sounds like simple common sense – but you’d be surprised. According to recent figures from the FMB they get up to 1.5 million complaints a year about cowboy builders. Don’t let one of their victims be you!


  • Sign up a person who knocks on your door and points out a small problem. Reputable tradesmen will not cold call.
  • Hire someone who says they can start work straight away. Also tread carefully if a quote seems too low.
  • Choose workmen who only have a mobile number, and who can’t – or won’t – provide references.
home refurbishment belfast

New Year – New Home Refurbishment

New Year – New Ideas For Refurbishing Your Home

home refurbishment belfast

For many people, New Year is a time for a change, so here at Value Home Solutions, we thought we would give you some ideas in case you are thinking about how to bring some New Year refurbishments to your home. 

Are you fed up with drafts, high energy bills and struggling to heat your home?

There are many reasons why your home may be difficult or expensive to keep warm and the winter temperatures will definitely help you decide if now is the time to take action.  Maybe you have an old home which is hard to heat, an outdated boiler or you don’t have enough insulation.  What many people don’t think about is the amount of heat you lose if your doors or windows aren’t efficient.  New doors and windows are extremely quick and easy to install.  There are so many options from PVC to composite, patio doors to bi-fold.  Modern doors and windows come with very high energy retention and they also are extremely secure.  They can be purchased in a wide range of colours and styles, so it’s also an opportunity to improve the outer view of your home and to give it some personalisation.  Colourful and stylish front doors are very popular now and gone are the days when all the homes in a street look identical.  More and more people are taking out their patio doors and opting for bi-fold doors which help bring in extra light and easy access to the outdoors.  Our design team can look at your current arrangement and advise what alternatives are best to give the feel you want to achieve.

You can never have enough storage

Finding somewhere to store all those new toys and Christmas presents can be a real challenge!  While it’s not quite time for spring cleaning, many people just want to find a way to have a tidier home.  A well-designed kitchen is often a good start with new modern storage solutions available to suit every home.  Sit down with one of our expert consultants and they will find a way to house all your unique range of kitchen accessories and gadgets.

If bedroom storage is your challenge, why not have a look at the options for fitted bedroom furniture.  Our design team can work with you to find the best way to add storage to your bedrooms with the style of your choice.     

Storage isn’t enough, you need more space

If you have a growing family but not enough money to move, why not consider adding a conservatory, sunroom or glass room extension to your home?  Getting planning permission for adding a room is much easier now and Value Home Solutions can help you through the process.  Our design consultants can help you to design the best solution to fit the space available outside your home.

Does the outside of your home need any work?

Messy gardens are a normal part of winter, but while you are hiding inside away from the cold and storms, people easily overlook the fact that the outside of your home needs as much care as the inside – and that’s even more important in the winter months.  You should check your walls and roof regularly to make sure there are no tiles missing, that you don’t need any repointing between your bricks or that vents haven’t become broken or missing.  Guttering can easily become blocked and get damaged and timber cladding can start to deteriorate helping water to find a way into your home. 

If you find yourself dreading the thought of painting all your timber, think about transforming the appearance of your home with a PVC roofline including the fascia, soffit, guttering and cladding.  This not only helps to protect your home from the weather, but it also requires no maintenance, so you won’t have to keep painting every year. 

Are you thinking of moving?

Did you know that a few modernisations can make a difference in the sale value of your home?  Many buyers want to move into a home that is ready to live in, so that means a fresh lick of paint can make a big difference to the appeal of your home.  Not everyone can see past their first impressions, so stick to neutral tones as that gives your potential purchaser the option to add their own colours to suit their taste and is less likely to put people off.

If you have an older home with an outdated bathroom suite, en suite or kitchen updating these can also help make you more money when you are selling.  Check in with us to find out about the most modern styles.  At the moment in bathrooms glass panelled showers and sparkling white bathroom suites are the favourite to give a luxurious and clean feel while practical kitchens with plenty of storage and room to work are the must have.

Don’t break the bank with your refurbishments

Remember that refurbishing and modernising your home don’t have to cost the earth.  Value Home Solutions is committed to offering affordable solutions to allow you to have the luxurious, practical and high quality home refurbishments you need within the budget you can afford.  We stand over the quality of all our products and give warranties on all our work, so you can rest easy knowing that all our products come with guarantees. 

I can’t really get a feel without seeing it in real life

If you aren’t really sure what you are looking for and you just need ideas, have a look at our website for an overview off all the services we can provide.  You can see all the available styles, colours and options and consider what would be best to suit the personality of your home and family.  We also keep our facebook page up to date with pictures, videos and descriptions of our recent work – so there is always something new to look at!  If you find something you really want to see in real life, we have lots of happy customers who don’t mind someone visiting to see our work, so just give us a call and we will try to help you with whatever you need. 

Happy New Year and we look forward to helping you with all your refurbishment ideas in 2020!

fitted bedrooms belfast

Fitted Bedrooms In Belfast

Fitted Bedrooms In Belfast

fitted bedrooms belfast

If you have moved to a new home, decided to build your own home, or are just tired of not having enough of the right kind of storage space, fitted wardrobes could well be the answer. If you are considering fitted bedrooms in Belfast, read our 7 benefits below and then call Value Home Solutions today!

  • Get A wardrobe tailored exactly to your needs

Ever had too much shelving but not enough hanging space? Too much space for socks but not enough for your shoes? Being able to design your bedroom furniture to your own requirements you can ensure you have exactly the right amount of storage for your needs. By designing your own fitted bedroom, not only can you make sure you have the right amount of storage for you, but that you have the right amount of furniture for the size of your bedroom.

  • Maximise every inch of space

Isn’t it frustrating when moving your wardrobe into your new bedroom to find it’s an inch too long for the space you intended? Or even worse, that you can’t even get it through the door? By designing your own fitted bedroom furniture, you can make the most out of every square inch you have available. Irregular walls, sloped ceilings and nooks and crannies can all be overcome and utilised to give you all the usable storage space you need.

  • Colours and finishes

Remove the stress of realising that your pine wardrobe clashes with your new hardwood flooring, or oak doors and skirting board. When you design and build fitted wardrobes, you can choose colours and materials that will completely complement the other furnishings and finishes in your bedroom. There is no need to spend days or weeks stripping, sanding, varnishing or painting bedroom units when our fitted furniture will match right in.

  • Choose from a range of styles

In additional to colours and finishes, choosing a fitted bedroom also gives you the chance to match your style of doors and handles to the rest of your home. From traditional country styling to sleek ultra-modern, Value Home Solutions can deliver a solution that will complement the rest of your home.

  • Save time cleaning

Whilst not an obvious benefit, with fitted, integrated bedroom units, you no longer have to balance on top of stools to dust the top of your wardrobes or manhandle the units to remove cobwebs from behind them. At most, a light dusting or wipe down of the doors is all the maintenance our fitted bedroom furniture will require.

  • Integrated custom lighting

No more waking your partner up when you have to get dressed to go to work (unless you want to!). Even more importantly, no more mismatched socks or shoes that do not match your suit. By integrating custom lighting directly into your fitted bedroom furniture, you can dress with confidence without having to wake anyone else up.

  • Practical investment
A fitted wardrobe will not only add value to your home, but can be used and enjoyed every day that you live there.

With over 20 year’s experience, Value Home Solutions welcome the opportunity to visit your home for a free design consultation to accurately measure your bedroom, discuss options and provide an accurate quote that we will stand over.

Contact Value Home Solutions today on 028 9076 7108 or via email on


Get Your Bathroom Refurbished


Remodelling an old and tired bathroom can significantly increase the overall value of your home. If you are considering new bathrooms Northern Ireland, then contact Value Home Solutions today. Value Home Solutions specialise in delivering exceptionally designed, high-quality bathroom interiors, furniture and accessories at an affordable price. We can boast over 20 years’ experience of designing and fitting the finest bathrooms, our expert designers work with you from the outset to deliver your ultimate home retreat.

Refurbishing your bathroom can give your entire home an updated look and feel, adding a sense of luxury. Here are some considerations to bear in mind when you start to plan a bathroom update;

Work out a realistic budget that you can afford and stick to it. Having a clear idea of your total spend will help you make decisions on the individual components that go into a bathroom refurb. Value Home Solutions have plenty of experience designing bathrooms from scratch and can advise where your money will be best spent to achieve the outcome you wish for and that will offer the biggest impact to the value of your home.

Whilst bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in your home, there is often a lot of items you need to store in them. Careful planning and design around the layout of your bathroom will help to maximise every centimetre of space that’s available. There is nothing more frustrating than creating a stunning, luxurious bathroom and then realising you cannot store more than a toothbrush in it! Vanity units, shelving, niche storage are all important design elements.

Heating is an often-overlooked factor in bathroom design, yet there are plenty of options available. Heated towel-rails, under-floor heating as well as traditional radiators all have strengths and weaknesses that need to be considered as part of the overall design. Let’s face it, no one wants to get out of a steaming hot bath or shower into a cold room!

Consider a design that not only looks great on its own, but that also compliments the rest of your home. Whilst an ultra-modern sleek and stylish bathroom will look spectacular, set in a traditional period property it may look completely out of place. Value Home Solutions know many tricks and tips on how to blend the bathroom style you want to go for into the rest of the rooms in your home.

Accessorise! At Value Home Solutions, we firmly believe that small things can indeed make a huge difference! Which is why it is important to carefully select all the necessary accessories that will finish off your new bathroom refurb. Taps, toilet-roll holders, shower curtains, light fittings, mirrors all contribute to the final look and feel of your bathroom. Take your time and discuss the many options available with your design consultant to ensure they will all complement each other; it isn’t always as straight forward as you would think.

Finally and possibly most importantly, select a bathroom supplier you can trust, with plenty of happy customer testimonials on their website and social media platforms. Also ensure they have appropriate accreditations and a good history of experience from initial design, supply of materials and fittings, to the actual installation. With over 20 year’s experience, Value Home Solutions tick all of the boxes above and would welcome the opportunity to visit your home for a free design consultation to accurately measure your bathroom, discuss options and provide an accurate quote that we will stand over.

Contact Value Home Solutions today on 028 9076 7108 or via email on


Home Improvements Northern Ireland

Home Improvements Northern Ireland


Value Home Solutions started when like-minded, experienced professionals, with a combined experience of over 30 years within the Home Improvement sector in Northern Ireland, decided a different approach was needed.Experience garnered from establishing, running and working for some of the biggest names with the NI home improvement sector. Our ethos was, and is, to ensure an honest, fresh and ultimately satisfying journey for clients who embark on achieving their dream home.Value Home Solutions has gained an enviable reputation as a supplier of the highest quality workmanship, design and materials for both contemporary and traditional styles of windows, doors, sunrooms, bathrooms and roofline products.Our expert Design Consultants blend traditional techniques with the very latest technology to produce unique, stylish and practical solutions created to complement your property. Value Home Solutions offer a complete package of advice, design and build, backed up by market leading guarantees and warranties;30+ Years Industry Experience20 Year Frame Guarantee15 Year Glass Warranty10 Year Workmanship Warranty

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Home Improvements Northern Ireland can add value to your property too. Increasing living space with a conservatory can potentially add up to 10% to your homes’ value. A conservatory is considered to be permitted development provided you meet various limits and conditions, but building regulations are a separate matter. The majority of conservatories are exempt but there are circumstances when you will need to make an application

Improving kerb appeal can also potentially add up to 10% to your homes’ value. First impressions are essential, so give your home some kerb appeal with a lick of paint, a new composite front door and shining ironmongery. In addition, buyers now shop for homes with energy efficiency in mind. Old, drafty single-pane windows are a major turn off. Modern, energy efficient double / triple glazed windows can save hundreds of pounds a year in heating and add additional kerb appeal to your new front door!

If your home only has one bathroom, you can recoup a large chunk of your investment by adding another one. A variety of reports estimate that you can recoup 80%-130% of what you spend adding a new bathroom to your property. Likewise, a refresh and refurbishment of your current bathroom can work wonders! Bathrooms need to be fresh and hygienic looking, but are also a great place to add a touch of luxury for that value-adding wow-factor.

Value Home Solutions are a member of the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) so you have the confidence of them being a reputable and reliable company. The FMB has championed continuous improvement in building standards for over 75 years.

The FMB goes beyond simple checks and ratings, they independently inspect and vet members upon joining to provide credible proof of calibre. As a homeowner you can rest easy that your project is being handled by the right people and be assured of a better experience.

Want professional, honest advice? – get in touch with us today on 028 9076 7108 to arrange for a FREE consultation from our experienced design consultants.

Value Home Solutions – Where Quality meets Value!

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Considering new uPVC Windows In NI?

Considering new uPVC Windows In NI?


View a selection of our recent uPVC Windows Befast! In addition to a wide range of stunning doors, Value Home Solutions provide an extensive range of the latest designs in uPVC windows. That’s why we offer an extensive range of complimentary doors and windows that will satisfy your individual taste and add elegance, sophistication, and style to your home.Value Home Solutions carried out a lot of research and testing before choosing our suppliers for Windows and are delighted to offer our customers ‘Best in Class’ window frames, in a wide range of colours (18 in total!), installed by the leading window fitters in Belfast.  Our frames are made from 100% recyclable materials and their energy efficiency properties will keep your help keep your house cool in the summer and warm during the winter.

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Our window frames have an A* 10 Energy Rating providing excellent thermal insulation.  If you are looking for triple glazed windows they come with an A* 25 Rating and are reinforced with steel which provides additional strength to help cope with the various conditions that Northern Ireland throws at the windows but assists with the thermal capabilities of the frames.

At a recent project Value Home Solutions just completed in Newtownabbey, our customer was amazed at the heat retention qualities and sound proofing improvement, and this was before we had even fully installed all of the frames!

Our customer had been debating about just getting their windows repaired. As a company, we are honest and if you don’t need new windows – we’ll tell you. However, everything has a shelf life. Frames that have been in 30/35 years are not comparable to the modern frames of today.

  • A Rated glass – as standard
  • Reinforced – as standard
  • High security – as standard

Technology has moved on. Think of a mobile phone from the 80’s. A car from the 80’s. Brilliant for the time but not against their modern equivalent. Older, first generation windows generally only have “B” rated glass in them. Even some new windows now, companies only put “B” in them.

All of our glass is “A” rated and this, coupled with our award-winning Deceuninck frame, means they are “A plus 10” energy rated. This customer also took advantage of our FREE UPGRADE offer on all full house orders – a uPVC door to a Palladio Composite front door!

At Value Home Solutions we have over 20 years of experience installing windows and all of our design consultants are qualified tradesmen, who will give you complete peace of mind when choosing your window frames.

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Composite Doors Installed in Belfast

Looking for new Composite Doors Belfast?


Make a splash and stand out from the rest with a uniquely coloured door! Check out some of our Composite Doors recently installed in Belfast! Composite doors offer added security and energy efficiency benefits. Resistant to fading and peeling – composite doors do not require the same level of maintenance as timber doors.Your exterior door can account for up to 11% of your air leakage in your home and is an important factor to consider when trying to make your home more energy efficient. Our Palladio Door Collection have some of the best ratings within the composite door industry.Make a statement with a personalised composite door, Grey Front Doors are very popular right now! You will be amazed how many colours, styles and personalisation options are available to make sure you can choose a door which makes your home stand out from the rest.

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See a selection of our recently installed Front Doors Northern Ireland on our Facebook Page here. All of our doors come with a 10-year product warranty, and a 15-year workmanship warranty

Value Home Solutions are a leading supplier of Front Door Belfast. Book a FREE, No Obligation, Home Consultation anywhere in Northern Ireland to explore the options of our award-winning Doors and receive a personalised quotation that we guarantee will not be beaten!

And if those are not enough reasons to contact Value Home Solutions, how about some of our HUGE savings across our entire range of doors and windows?

All single doors ordered from our Palladio Composite Door Range will receive:

  • FREE Installation
  • FREE Wireless Camera Doorbell

All Full House orders (6+ windows and 2 doors or equivalent) will receive the following:

  • FREE Wireless Camera Doorbell
  • FREE upgrade from PVC to Palladio door at front
  • FREE High security locking systems on all doors
  • FREE Chrome, Brass or Smokey Chrome handles on all windows and doors

Show us a like-for-like quote from one of our competitors and we guarantee to beat it.

Value Home Solutions started when like-minded, experienced professionals, with a combined experience of over 30 years within the Home Improvement sector in Northern Ireland, decided a different approach was needed.

Experience garnered from establishing, running and working for some of the biggest names with the NI home improvement sector. Our ethos was, and is, to ensure an honest, fresh and ultimately satisfying journey for clients who embark on achieving their dream home.

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(Minimum spend applies. The above offers are limited availability and are strictly on a first come, first served basis).

Some of Our Previous Installs:

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