The front door is the focal point of every home.

When talking about ‘kerb appeal’ the front door of your home has to be one of the top contenders for impacting visitors first impressions of your home. That’s why Value Home Solutions offer the most extensive range of composite doors that will satisfy your individual demands and add elegance, sophistication, and style to your home.

All our beautifully crafted composite doors are virtually indistinguishable from a traditional timber door. What’s more, they come in an extensive range of different styles and colours to suit all tastes and property.

At Value Home Solutions we provide the highest quality Composite and PVC Doors to suit all budgets and security requirements of our customers. All of our doors and installations come with a variety of warranties and guarantees and our composite doors come in a wide range of colours and styles to compliment your home regardless of it’s size or age.

We have fitted dozens of Composite Doors Belfast and across Northern Ireland. If you are thinking about upping your homes kerb appeal, get in touch with us on 02890 861000 today to arrange for a FREE consultation from our experienced and trusted design consultants.

Energy Efficiency & Performance

As experts in the manufacture of composite doors, we know that when it comes to choosing a front door for your home, while appearance is critical, so too is energy efficiency and overall performance.

That’s why our composite doors have one of the highest levels of energy efficiency possible for PVC doors (u-value of 0.64 kWh/m²·K). They are also virtually maintenance-free, requiring just an occasional wipe with a damp cloth to restore them to their original pristine condition.

If you have any questions on how secure and how much you can save with energy costs after you install one of our doors or windows call us today on 02890 861000.

High Levels Of Security

Palladio composite doors are manufactured to be solid, air-tight, and sturdy, offering a variety of different locking mechanisms to further enhance security performance. It is therefore no surprise that they rank very highly with regards to security.

Security performance needs to be considered over the full lifespan of the door and not just at the initial installation. For example, wood doors rank well for security initially, but are proven to deteriorate over time due to the impact of the weather.

Palladio doors are built not to warp or bend from the weather, makes them a more secure choice for now and for the longer term. They also have a superior strength to weight ratio over any other type of door, so do not worry that they will be heavy and cumbersome!

Looks like a real timber door

The Palladio Door Collection begins its life as a real timber door, we place a gel mould over the timber door and transfer that grain detail onto the Palladio Door range. Each door has a renolit foil finish (NOT painted) which means that not only does each door have an impeccable appearance it is paired with durability.

Double rebated as standard

Not only is the Palladio Door Collection double rebated as standard (most doors are only single rebated), all glass units in the doors are triple glazed as standard and made in house which proves our dedication to providing a thermal efficient state of the art door.

This also means that we have been able to match our sidelight glass designs to the units in our doors perfectly but they can also be altered where necessary giving our customers artistic license over their glass design.

Available in multiple colour options: