Indistinguishable From A Traditional Door, But Much More Engergy Efficient

Contemporary composite doors are virtually indistinguishable from a traditional timber door.

The hidden difference is the added security a modern door gives to your home and the energy efficiency benefits with less heat escaping out of your home.

Perfect for refurbishments and newer houses, a composite door is designed to last and gives a high quality appearance to the outside of your home.

Resistant to fading and peeling – composite doors do not require the same level of maintenance as timber doors.

They are easy to keep clean and will welcome visitors to your home for years to come!

If all the homes in your area look the same – why not make a statement with a personalised contemporary composite door.

You will be amazed how many colours, styles and personalisation options are available to make sure you can choose a door which makes your home stand out from the rest.

The glazing, colour and finish are all customisable so you can choose an ultramodern feel with high class products.

There are hundreds of style combinations to choose from! Have a browse at our range online or get in touch and we will happily bring our consultation service to you.