fitted bedrooms belfast

Fitted Bedrooms In Belfast

Fitted Bedrooms In Belfast

fitted bedrooms belfast

If you have moved to a new home, decided to build your own home, or are just tired of not having enough of the right kind of storage space, fitted wardrobes could well be the answer. If you are considering fitted bedrooms in Belfast, read our 7 benefits below and then call Value Home Solutions today!

  • Get A wardrobe tailored exactly to your needs

Ever had too much shelving but not enough hanging space? Too much space for socks but not enough for your shoes? Being able to design your bedroom furniture to your own requirements you can ensure you have exactly the right amount of storage for your needs. By designing your own fitted bedroom, not only can you make sure you have the right amount of storage for you, but that you have the right amount of furniture for the size of your bedroom.

  • Maximise every inch of space

Isn’t it frustrating when moving your wardrobe into your new bedroom to find it’s an inch too long for the space you intended? Or even worse, that you can’t even get it through the door? By designing your own fitted bedroom furniture, you can make the most out of every square inch you have available. Irregular walls, sloped ceilings and nooks and crannies can all be overcome and utilised to give you all the usable storage space you need.

  • Colours and finishes

Remove the stress of realising that your pine wardrobe clashes with your new hardwood flooring, or oak doors and skirting board. When you design and build fitted wardrobes, you can choose colours and materials that will completely complement the other furnishings and finishes in your bedroom. There is no need to spend days or weeks stripping, sanding, varnishing or painting bedroom units when our fitted furniture will match right in.

  • Choose from a range of styles

In additional to colours and finishes, choosing a fitted bedroom also gives you the chance to match your style of doors and handles to the rest of your home. From traditional country styling to sleek ultra-modern, Value Home Solutions can deliver a solution that will complement the rest of your home.

  • Save time cleaning

Whilst not an obvious benefit, with fitted, integrated bedroom units, you no longer have to balance on top of stools to dust the top of your wardrobes or manhandle the units to remove cobwebs from behind them. At most, a light dusting or wipe down of the doors is all the maintenance our fitted bedroom furniture will require.

  • Integrated custom lighting

No more waking your partner up when you have to get dressed to go to work (unless you want to!). Even more importantly, no more mismatched socks or shoes that do not match your suit. By integrating custom lighting directly into your fitted bedroom furniture, you can dress with confidence without having to wake anyone else up.

  • Practical investment
A fitted wardrobe will not only add value to your home, but can be used and enjoyed every day that you live there.

With over 20 year’s experience, Value Home Solutions welcome the opportunity to visit your home for a free design consultation to accurately measure your bedroom, discuss options and provide an accurate quote that we will stand over.

Contact Value Home Solutions today on 028 9076 7108 or via email on

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