Palladio Doors Northern Ireland

Palladio Doors Northern Ireland


When you buy a Palladio door, you are buying a durable and strong external door.

With a range of styles, 26 to be exact, that can match into their surroundings from the classic through to modern contemporary.The Palladio door range gives an unbeatable strength to weight performance, undergoing rigorous testing before being released onto the market for sale.

Security and Peace of Mind

Palladio doors are the most secure doors on the market! As a composite door, peace of mind comes with 65mm of glass fibre to ensure the door is strong and will maintain its strength if ever it needs to be tested.If the type of manufacturing isn’t enough the Palladio door is fitted with an eight-point locking system. This includes two hooks locking into the frame, two shootbolts, three rollers and a dead bolt!All of this is backed up by accreditation, as these doors meet the requirements as set out by the British Standards Institution (BSI) assessing a standard of security a door can offer. The minimum requirement is referred to as PAS 23/24. Complicated and easy to get lost in the technicalities of it, the Police prefer the specification ‘Secured by Design’; our Palladio doors meet these requirements.


For the techie in mind, the Palladio door is constructed in a single piece monocoque shell, using glass reinforced plastic (GRP) which is the same as fibreglass.

Extra Peace of Mind

All of our doors come with a 10-year product warranty, and a 15-year workmanship warranty! When we say Value Home Solutions, where quality meets value you can sure we mean it!

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We are sure you will be satisfied with your new door for years to come, however; what if you think your door requires a facelift? You can paint our Palladio doors! We are an avid believer in the ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fit it’ moto, so don’t change out the door because you want a fresher look, just paint it! Yet another advantage of choosing Palladio doors with us.

Can a Palladio door save me money?

All glazing fitted in our Palladio doors are triple glazed units. Not only does the noise level drop but we achieve a combined (door body, glazing unit & door frame) U-Value of 0.98.

What does that really mean to me?

A U-Value is a numerical representation to the measurement of how effective a material is as an insulator. It is measured by the rate at which the material can transfer heat through its structure, divided by the temperature difference from across the material. The better insulated the material is, the lower the number.

A uPVC Triple glazed door will have an approximate value of 1.4, so our doors are approximately 30% more thermally efficient!

In summary, your Palladio door is:

  • Available in 26 styles
  • Stronger than a pvc door
  • More secure
  • Can be painted
  • Elegant & traditional
  • Ideal for period properties
  • A* energy rating windows
  • Triple glazed solution available
  • 9 ‘wood like’ finishes from stock
  • Additional colour options with unique Colour360
  • Available with complementary hardware
  • Recyclable

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