New PVC Doors Belfast

Whether it’s a red door, a white door or a black door you are looking for, if you are thinking about new PVC doors in Belfast or anywhere else across Northern Ireland, have a chat with our team of expert advisors at Value Home Solutions NI.

If you are looking for inspiration or to check out what’s currently in fashion, we like to show lots of recent examples of our installations and how they have worked out for our customers, so we regularly update our Facebook page – Value Homes NI to show pictures of what our team have been undertaking around Northern Ireland.  We also regularly update our recent installation examples on our website valuehomesolutions.co.uk – so if you are looking around for ideas about what is possible, just take a look.

uPVC doors are often chosen because the house or building has always had uPVC and the home or building owner just opts to replace like with like to keep everything aligned.  This is easily achieved and for those who think changing your doors is a major overhaul which will lead to lots and lots of clearing up, remember that most of our replacement doors can be completed in a day with minimal fuss.  uPVC is easily kept and for the most part just needs a wipe with a damp cloth every so often.  They are tough and durable, so are a quick and cost effective way to update the outer appearance of your home.  As you will see from all our pictures, people also love to customise their uPVC doors to add a bit of personality to their homes.

All our doors are made to measure and come ready to install – so if you think it’s time you got a new door, just give us a call.


Bathroom refurbishment Belfast

If you’ve been following our new Value Home NI facebook page recently, you will have noticed that May was a really busy month for bathroom renovations.  Our team have been busy across Northern Ireland from Belfast to Ballymoney and Monkstown to Downpatrick removing old, outdated bathroom suites and turning each bathroom into beautiful, practical rooms with all the added mod cons. 

You will see from our pictures that while everyone’s taste in what they want in their bathroom and its colour, pattern and style is different, the common features of all are projects tend to be:

  • Removing outdated tiles, flooring, bathroom suites and lighting
  • Redesigning each room to its best advantage to give a cleaner, more modern space which works with the available space, lighting and with those items which can’t be moved 
  • Considering options to see whether unsightly pipework can be concealed
  • Adding mirrors as a feature item or to provide additional, specialist lighting
  • Providing advice to help everyone find the bathrooms suites, wall and floor covering and accessories that matches their taste and suits their homes.

You will notice that increasingly our customers are opting for floating vanity units and concealed toilets which provide cleaner lines in the room, hide the pipework and help make the room and suite easier to clean and maintain.  Huge, walk-in enclosure showers are another new favourite and customers love both the feature box option which fully encloses the shower unit as well as our range of modern composite tiles, feature walls and glass panelling which can add some personality to the room.    

We are also starting to see more customers with an interest in embedding technology in their bathrooms and feature mirrors with unique lighting are becoming more popular as well as inbuilt bluetooth speaker systems which can connect to your devices.

All in all, there are lots of options when it comes to modernising your bathroom and our recent range of pictures demonstrate lots of options and how the final finish could look in your home.  If you are thinking about renovating your bathroom, just give us a call or message us and one of our design team can work with you to see how beautiful we could make your new bathroom.